It seems I have approached that time in my life when things just need to change.  Different furniture.  Different office.  Different priorities.  I guess change is a good thing. 

I’m just a little burned out on blogging right now.  Trying to figure out my purpose for all of this, anyway.  I’m not one just to rant about stuff, but stuff, from time to time, interests me, and maybe I can share the love with you.

So that’s why I’ve moved to another blog site.  No big deal, really, and this one isn’t much different than the other, but my outlook needs to change, and so do my familiar web spots.  And I apologize if you wait in anticipation day after day for something of substance.  My head is tired from thinking.  And blogging on the other site just offered nothing new. 

So, in hopes of inspiration, and in the current of changes — new blog, new look, new site.  We’ll see.

Hope you can adjust, all of my tens of readers.


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