According to the Memphis Rock N Soul Museum, Memphis holds the record for the most references in recorded music, at around 900.  You can click here for a complete list.

By the way, the Rock N Soul Museum is a great place to visit.  One of the museum’s coolest exhibits is the original recording board from Sun Records, which was used to record Elvis Presley’s first record.  It is a technical piece of equipment, a hulk of a machine, and when I saw it, it greeted visitors as they entered the gallery of early Memphis rock and roll.  Enclosed in a glass case, it looked almost like an altar to me, the sacred piece of worship from which all singers and all songs in Memphis music history receive their power and existence.

It wasn’t lost upon me.  Just to stand by that one piece of equipment, a sound board with primitive knobs that registered the sound waves from what may be the most recognizable voice in the history of modern culture, is powerful in its own subtle way.  Of all the items in the exhibit, that one moved me the most.

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