The following images are from  Adventures in Tornado Alley:  The Storm Chasers.

And I believe you can read the thousand words in each.

Sioux City, Iowa
Sioux City, Iowa.  This cloud is one mile in diameter.

Grand Island, Nebraska
Grand Island, Nebraska.

Alvo, Nebraska.


28 thoughts on “Chasers

    1. Amazing pictures. I have been waiting for nearly 2 hours for a storm to brew over the english channel. It’s on it’s way over the south coast but not really that much activity.

  1. Those are ‘storms cells’ or ‘supercells’ , not tornadoes. A simple search can explain the difference.

  2. These look nothing like the sky the night of June 3rd. I have never seen anything like that and I hope I don’t again. I was only 12 and I was down on South Locust when the sirens went off. My family managed to get home to safety. But I had other family that lost their home down by Starr school.

  3. That’s crazy. i live in Austin Texas. never seen a twister in my life. my boy friend wants to move to Iowa … i don’t know any more. lol

  4. If im correct, supercells can easily turn into a tornadoe.. these are pretty cool, but i live in Nebraska so i’ve been there and done that lol..

  5. Even through I live in Iowa, I have not been through a tornadoe and hope I don’t have to be, but these pics are the coolest most real thing I have ever seen

  6. This kind of stuff inspires me! I am graduating highschool this week and I want to become a storm chaser! It’s my dream!

  7. They are Beautiful images, My question is it true that the eye of the storm is where it is calmest. Looks like a blooming onion you would get at an Outback steakhouse. I would just love to pull my futon right into the eye of the storm and sit. Do you have more information on storms and thier patterns. Are they very perdictible in thier paths.
    What was the name of the first documented storm?

  8. I’ve been in a couple of them, and trust me, it’s not fun. Especially, when it affects people you love . . .

  9. those are really awesome pic. i would love too see one in real life but somewhere safe. i was also wanting to know can you see a hurican like you can a tornado or is it just wind and rain and stuff.

  10. THese are soooooooooo beautiful!
    I’m 13 years old and i’ve lived in Nebraska all my life. i love the storms we get, and they are usually pretty safe. I love to just sit out on my porch all night and watch the lightning.
    Thank you for posting these! they remind me of summer!

  11. WOW!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!1

    I Love storms untill they r on someones house destroying their lifes they r the most beautifull thing from mother nature

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