True story.

I called a local ear, nose, and throat doctor about a year ago.  This area has played havoc on me — I’ve only developed allergies in the past couple of years.

I really wanted to get well.  And I really wanted to bypass a visit to my regular doctor.  I knew I had allergies.  I knew I was sick.  I thought I knew that this new guy could fix me.

The receptionist answered.  And then I asked to make an appointment.  Our conversation went something like this:

“Are you being referred by someone?” she asked.

“No.  I am just having some serious allergy problems.”

“Well, why do you want to see the doctor?”

(Why does anyone want to see the doctor? I thought.) 

“Because I have allergies.”

I heard papers being scattered.  Or at least something that sounded like that.  Then she continued.

“Well, you know, the doctor will really only be able to tell you if you have allergies or not.”

“Really?  That’s it?  He can’t do anything else for me?”

“No.  He can just tell you whether or not you actually have allergies.”

“But I know I have allergies.”


I just stopped for a moment.  This whole conversation was bothering me.  She waited.

Then I said, “Well.  I know I have allergies.  So, there’s really no need for me to even be talking to you, is there?”

And then I heard her pause (yes, sometimes in crazy phone conversations you can actually hear a pause).

She then said, “No.  I guess there isn’t.”


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