I’ve returned from an exhausting week.

To be sure, though, there are many more worse ways to spend a week, so do not take the previous comment as grumbling.  I am a tremendously blessed man.

It was my fifteenth year at this particular summer camp, six as a camper, then a few years without going, and returning nine years ago, taking students of my own.  After all of that time, the memories are now jumbled.  Last night I forced myself to think about a particular experience four years ago, and silently marveled at how much has changed since then.

A few things are much different.  After a few summers of struggling to mesh our students with the students of the inner city church we sponsor, this was the first, true, summer experience where an outsider would have believed that all of our students attend the same church.  It is validation.  God wants us all together.  There is no distinction with him, and if we are to be a true ministry, even a true church, then distinctions should not exist.  It was a good thing.

But not the only success.  Students recommitted themselves to living lives of faith.  Students from different schools, and different social circles, spent the week together.  New students became introduced to a much larger world of youth ministry, with experiences in worship with over a thousand other students who believe in Jesus. 

This post is certainly nothing philosophical.  It probably has little depth, and probably won’t enlighten or enlarge your understanding of life.  But it is important enough to note that we are teaching, and we are mentoring, and we are praying that weeks like this are great investments in the lives of students.


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