Makeup and a Full Hamper

Let me fix your marriage problems.

But first, let me show you that if you’ve been married longer than two-and-a-half years, then I know you have problems.

Because romance, in a marriage, only lives an average of two years, six months, and twenty-five days into a marriage.

And then it dies.

After this time period, two-thirds of wives no longer attempt to look attractive for their husbands.

And after this time period, seventy percent of husbands no longer keep their belongings in their proper place, instead leaving them lying on the floor.

Close to eighty percent of husbands also admit they never even bother with the toilet seat.

The research also finds that the death of romance may have much to do with the level of comfort in a marriage.

Sixty-one percent of wives admit to putting on their most comfortable clothing when they come home from work, such as their old pajamas, and a little more than half admit to not wearing make-up anymore.

Seventy percent of men admit to leaving their dirty clothes on the floor.

Marriages, then, should be able to be fixed with just a few minor changes.

If, for instance, wives made a menial effort to impress their husbands, situations would improve, but only if the husbands decided to place their dirty laundry in the hamper. At least that’s what the research seems to indicate.

So, let’s at least be honest.

Long gone are the days of romantic meals and long walks, and adventurous dates — those things of courtship have now been replaced with putting the toilet seat down.

So if you want your marriage fixed, here’s what you can do:

Men, just put down the toilet seat and put your clothes in the hamper.

And ladies, wear some make-up every once in a while.



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