She has been given several names throughout her incarnation.  Called Talia, and Briar Rose, we know her best as Aurora, and her tale has inspired millions of little girls as Walt Disney retold her story in Sleeping Beauty.

The Sleeping Beauty, by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, ca. 1870.

It is also the subject of a classic English painting, done by Sir Edward Burn-Jones, a nineteenth century artist.  Burne-Jones, inspired by Renaissance painters, believed the kiss of the story of Sleeping Beauty could be a metaphor for needed change in England, and it inspired him to paint the now-famous image.  But it is, above all, a classic tale, first told in the seventeenth century, of an evil witch, a curse, fairies, and a princess who slept the sleep of death, only to be awaken by a kiss of true love.  And now, this story is true.

Emma Ray, and her husband Andrew, were shopping just a few days after the birth of their child, when Emma c0llapsed.  Andrew, in desperate attempts, tried to revive her, and her heart was eventually restarted while in the care of a local hospital.

The diagnosis was grim, when Andrew was told that his young wife, Emma, was in a coma, and may never wake up.  In the doctor’s own words, Andrew heart that his wife could remain a “sleeping beauty.”

Desperate, he stayed by her side, caressed her hand, spoke to her, and played recordings of their newest baby, crying, hoping that somewhere, somehow, Emma would hear those cries and respond.  But all of that was to no avail.  Emma showed now signs of response.

And then, in a moment of desperation, almost two weeks after Emma collapsed, Andrew leaned over his wife and asked her for a kiss. 

Emma then turned her head, opened her eyes, and readied her lips, and gave her husband a kiss.  Of all the things that Andrew tried, it was the kiss which woke his wife.

And though her recovery has lasted for almost two years, she is alive, and well, because of true love, and a hope that never died.

You can read more about them here.


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