Mt. Everest is 29,035 feet above sea level, making the tip of the great mountain the highest point on planet Earth.

It is also a sight few of us will ever see with our own eyes.

But Leo Dickinson took a photograph of the mountain, a mile above its summit.  Taken in 1991, it is claimed to be the “best picture on earth.”  Take a look.

Mt. Everest, from one mile above the summit.
Mt. Everest, from one mile above the summit.

To the left of the summit is Nepal, and to the right of the summit is Tibet.  Surrounding Everest, too, are nine of the highest summits on the planet.   At an altitude of 36,000 feet, Dickinson was in the stratosphere, in a hot air balloon, when he snapped the photograph.  He also braved a temperature of minus 56C for the journey, and the picture. 

Such an impressive view from above the tops of the earth, inspiring and breath-taking, even when viewing it in this medium.  It is a testament to the beauty and the mystery of creation, and the matchless wonder of our home.  God is truly the giver of all good things, including this playground we call Earth.