I read the Word of God every day.  And every day, I use the YouVersion bible app on my iPhone.  It is the single foundation of my every day, so I was quite amazed, and surprised, to find the following article, about this app.  A free app, which you can also find online, makes the Word of God accessible in multiple languages, and multiple translations, and, in all of my years in ministry, is easily the single greatest achievement in personal devotion, because it easily demonstrates the power of the Word in the palm of your hand.

And, evidently, I am not alone.

Check out the following graphic, which illustrates the power of this app, then read the post below.

The Power of the Bible in the Palm of Your Hand

What if the Apostles Developed and iPhone App?
by Matthew Ingram

After more than two years worth of apps for the iPhone, not to mention other handsets like the Android, few applications come as a complete surprise. But one app I looked at recently definitely fell into that category — if only because it has been installed close to 10 million times, and has millions of regular and devoted users, but hardly anyone in the tech press ever writes about it. It’s called YouVersion, but it’s better known as “the Bible app.”

Yes, the Bible has an app. No, it was not delivered to anyone on a mountain, and there were no burning bushes involved. And yes, it’s had close to 10 million installs, according to Bobby Gruenewald — a pastor at, a high-tech church based in Oklahoma (with branches in seven other states) and the brains behind the Bible app. Gruenewald was involved in the tech industry before he joined the church (he had a web-hosting company in the 1990s he eventually sold) so the idea of using the web and mobile to help people connect with the Bible seemed like a natural, he says.

The app provides an easy-to-read interface to the Bible (obviously) in more than 40 different versions and 22 different languages, but has social features and other interesting functions built-in as well: Users can share their favorite passages by posting them to their Facebook wall or sharing them on Twitter, and Gruenewald says there have been half a million such tweets over the past year. Users can also choose from a number of pre-set reading plans (read the New Testament in six weeks, etc.) then track and share their progress much like runners do with Runkeeper.

It started with a website in 2007, where anyone who was interested could find Bible passages and reading plans, and then was followed by a mobile version of the site in 2008 that looked better on smartphones. When Apple launched the app store for the iPhone, the church had a simple version of its app available the first day, and since then, there have been repeated iterations. Interest in the app continues to increase at a fairly rapid rate; Gruenewald says YouVersion is seeing about a million installs a month (many of which, not surprisingly, happen on Sunday).

The app also allows pastors and priests to put together passages with their notes, links to content, and even polls that users can take on various issues — as well as an interactive feature that allows them to solicit names of parishioners that should be prayed for. The app uses geo-location to show users if a nearby church has a lesson plan or other content available so they can download it. Upcoming features include support for text, audio and video notes associated with specific passages, Gruenewald says — and possibly even Foursquare-style badges.

It’s fascinating to see the traditional technology approach of a mainstream app used for something like YouVersion, and how quickly it seems to be taking off — not surprising, perhaps, given the viral effect that seeing another church-goer using the app would have. In terms of the breakdown of users, the pastor says that iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) account for about 5.6 million of the installations, while Android and BlackBerry are more or less evenly matched at about 2.4 million — although the number of Android users is growing quickly, he says.

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  1. that is amazing!! it is so good to hear about good things going on in the world! that is why i listen to klove…i love the music and i love the news they share. they always tell awesome positive stories that are happening. i heard the other day that there is a church where five guys have gotten together and donated five houses this year!! and they are working on donating a sixth. have you heard of robert morris? he is a pastor who has a written a book called ‘the blessed life.’ and it is his story of how God led him into a life of giving!! you should check it out. it is the most amazing story i have ever read!!

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