Eastern Arkansas is still wondering of the effects of the massive amounts of rainfall. With neighborhoods in my community flooded, and the Mississippi River growing every day, the strain of concern is great. Here is what I know, and continue to learn, about storms:

1. They will come. Since the fall of humanity, just after the creation of humanity, the world broke into pieces. The paradise that was offered was rejected by the first couple, when their faith in their own Creator gave way to the very ability to choose given to them by that very same Creator. Storms, then, are now inevitable. We do not live in Eden. Our world is not paradise. There is no such place as paradise. It is a safe assumption to say that Eden did not have terrible storms, but if Eden did have those storms, then God was an ultimate, and very obvious, protection. Storms will come.

2. They will end. There is, though, no way to predict their ending. They leave consequences in their wake, but they do pass. Lives can be rebuilt. They end because God did not allow for their continued destruction. The one saving grace of a sovereign God in a world which rejected His paradise is that He promised to never allow anything in this fallen world to rob Him of His power to create, or destroy.

3. Wear good shoes. Storms may make you walk, travel, or wait, but in the event that any of those happen, good shoes are necessary. Your journey may not take you away from your original destination, but it may make you walk to get back home. Good shoes, and the idea that you may need to walk, are always good.

4. Vent. Storms are frustrating, even when they are not devastating. If there is no way for you to relieve your frustrations, then those you love will bear the brunt of those. Breathe. Read. Watch. Help. Write. However you find to vent, do so. If that ability is denied to you because of a storm, recede to your second option. You cannot allow the effect of a storm to destroy who you are. Keep your core strong, and safe, and know that storms come, they pass, and they may make you walk.

5. Trim to the Essentials. There are a few things you know you could never live without. Those are the most important things. Storms have ways of pushing those things to the top of your life, to the front of your vision. If storms cannot make you understand what is most important, then few things ever will. In this way, then, storms are a blessing. They make you trim to the essentials, and remind you of what you would never, ever, want to lose.


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