Heaven will be filled with new experiences.

Which also means that your first, fresh experience in heaven will only be your first, fresh experience in an eternity of fresh experiences.

Here’s how I know.

Tucked away in the obtuse book of Revelation is an interesting verse, in Revelation 5, when John sees the slain, yet standing, Lamb in the center of a throne room. Surrounding this standing/slain Lamb are four living creatures, which he describes in chapter 4. The twenty-four elders of the throne room are also there. It is a magnificent, terrifying scene, and you get the sense that John just can’t seem to look away.

His words invite us into a scene of worship, and at the end of this brief description, in a bridge to the song that is sung there in the room, you read verse 9 — a verse that has recently captured my imagination.

Here it is:

“And they sang a new song.”

This verse, though, perhaps, insignificant, is quite profound. It implies that there will be new songs in heaven.

Which means that there will not be a completeness to our eternal existence. Our experience in heaven will be filled with constant newness.

We will be in postures of worship that will be filled with consistent newness. And new songs mean new experiences.

There is no meagerness to this reconciliation. It will be fulfilling, satisfying, and overwhelming, and even surprising.

And that is the kind of heaven I anticipate.

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