Conversations about Risk and Faith

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Four conversations about risk and faith, at first, do not seem very congruent.

Is it really possible to have faith, and take risks? If God is sovereign, and he calls us to any circumstance, does God view those actions as risky?

I had the honor of writing a four-week small group discussion guide that mirrored the theme of the RE:FUEL Men’s Conference in Memphis this year. Through a pretty intense time of prayer, it became clear that I was to write four different conversations about Paul. Specifically, those four conversations cover his transformation, and each of his ventures into the world for the sake of grace.

It became clear that his motivation was, really, about Christ’s love. He wrote as much in 2 Corinthians 4, claiming that Christ’s love is all compelled him.

So when I think about risk, and I think about the Roman Empire, and I thought about why men are so afraid of risk, Paul became the clear model. He completely changed his perspective on faith, moving from zealously earning the affection of God, to zealously receiving the affection of God that was already his.

But … to receive grace is one thing. To adamantly leave every comfort, to travel to unknown and unfamiliar places, only to share grace with others, is quite the different story. Why did he do this?

These four conversations may help answer some of those questions. I hope, too, they fill in some of the missing pieces, and decisions, and revelations, that prompted such a clear call in his life. And I hope it becomes clear to you that Paul’s travels were not entirely planned, but were reactions to a constant move of the Spirit of God in his life.

So what if we lived this way? What if we completely transformed our perspective, from how life should benefit us, to how we could benefit the lives of others? We get a sense that we can really, truly receive Christ’s love, but when was the last time Christ’s love actually compelled us? Are we ready for change? Are we ready to surrender our life, really, for the sake of an everlasting love?

Here’s the link to these conversations. They are free to you. You can teach them, or use them in personal study. But either way, I promise you’ll be inspired by Paul, and you’ll begin to rethink the very structures of your life that you hoped were unshakable.

Because that’s what happened to Paul.


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