B90X, the New Testament, and a Few Blogs Along the Way

Read the entire New Testament this summer!

Last year I laid before our students, and our church, an interesting challenge.

To read the entire bible in 90 days.

Many students gave it a good attempt. A few completely finished it. Many of our adults and parents jumped on the challenge as well. And though not all finished it, their attempt was a success for me. We found that the bible is approachable, readable, and, as always, relevant.

I’m beginning that challenge again, this year, with a couple of caveats. For starters, the challenge is to just read the New Testament. Second, I’m going to be blogging my own thoughts through the summer. (Read my thoughts on last summer’s reading challenge here.)

The challenge, though, has gotten a bit more complicated for me. To blog at least two times a week, and more, if time allows, will be a bit difficult. But I think it’s a good thing to help gauge accountability, and to get my own thoughts into a sharable format.

A word, too, about the blog posts. They will be real-time posts, as the Spirit moves me during the reading. I don’t anticipate doing much research over various passages, unless it’s necessary. But as I read the entire Word in its context, there are obvious things that just move me. I also don’t want to begin controversial discussions, but, honestly, when the Spirit moves us, and purges from our lives the messes we make, it generates conversations that can impress us in all sorts of ways. I hope you’ll be moved as I am. I’m excited to see where God takes me.

You’ll find all posts here, on my blog. The address is kylestrickland.com, in case you’re reading this through a different format.

The journey this summer, then, through the New Testament begins Friday, June 1. And it is called B90X.

If you want to read with us, regardless of where you are in the world, you can access our reading schedule by clicking here. Or, you can just read three chapters a day, beginning June 1, and you’ll finish in 90 days. And, if you’re Twitter-savvy, the reading schedule will be posted every day on @mygrouponline.

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