God of the Cosmos and a Man of Dust

Jesus, I knew you before. But not quite like this.

The universe was made through you.

Light, from the Andromeda galaxy travels 2 million years before it reaches our eyes, in your universe.

Light, from the galaxy Centaurus A, travels 11 million years before it reaches our eyes, in your universe.

Light, from Abell 1689, a cluster of galaxies, travels 2 billion years before it reaches our eyes, in your universe.

Light, from the deep field of your universe, travels 12 billion years before it reaches our eyes.

In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe. (Hebrews 1:1, 2; NIV84)

Yes, Jesus, I must confess that at times I make you very, very small. You, and you alone, are the radiance, the extension of God’s glory in humanity, the exact representation of his being, the perfection of his creation (1:3).

You are so much more than my pathetic words and my pathetic songs and my pathetic thoughts. You are more than my pathetic opinions and my pathetic desires.

You, Jesus, and you alone, are the best that I can never, ever be.

You are the darling of prophecy. You are what angels long to worship (1:6).

Yet it was you, Jesus, who was made to be less in status than the angels of God. You, God, became a man, a finite being, a frail mixture of dust and blood and spit (2:9). You, Jesus suffered death so that you could taste it’s vileness and its curse. You feared what so many fear now (2:9).

Yet God saw it as fitting that you, Jesus, should suffer. It was you, Jesus, who wrote our salvation through your suffering as a man, and not necessarily because of the suffering of your death (2:10). You bore the great calamities and uncertainties of each of us, and there, you remained perfect (2:10). Your experience as a human gives us a way to understand you, even as you understand us (2:11).

And through your humanity you destroyed the power of death, and freed us from the slavery of death itself. We will escape this life, for to remain here, in any fashion, would be a curse (2:15). You freed us from that curse. You freed me from that curse. Praise you. Praise your blessed name. For you, and you alone, are faithful (3:6).

We believe in you today, Jesus. We believe in this story. We believe in its realness. We believe that the universe was created through you. We believe you became a man, less than the angels. We believe you suffered death, and suffered life, to understand us. Keep our belief secure, God, for the only thing that can keep us from you is not believing in Jesus (3:19). We want the rest you have promised us.

You, God, are so powerful. All of your work was finished at the creation of the world (4:3). There is nothing left for you to build. You are now at rest from the act of creation, yet you, God, through Jesus, are now at work at re-creation. You desire for all of us to enter this rest with you, to be at peace in a world gone mad (4:9). Hold us, God. Hold on to us now.

We are listening for your voice, God. Your word, through the words of scripture, and through all of creation, through everything, is speaking to us now (4:12, 13). Let us not limit your voice to just one medium, for you, God, control all things, and use all things to speak. Let us hear you now.

And you, Jesus, have made a way for us to walk to God’s throne in boldness, not in fear. This God, this creator, this sustainer, the ultimate of all, is waiting for us to come to him, to come to his throne, to enter his sanctuary, to walk in his glory, and have no fear. We need you now, God, and we look to you for mercy and grace. And we trust that you, who created the universe through Jesus, find it easy to offer us the mercy it takes to live in this life, and the grace we need to enter the rest of the next life (4:16).

Bless your name, Jesus. Bless your name.

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