Tahkodah 2014: Life in Color

I had the honor and privilege of again taking students and families to a retreat at Camp Tahkodah, near Floral, Arkansas. I blogged this on our church’s site, but wanted to post it here.


018bI will say, to begin, that it is difficult to describe a retreat like this. Though I have had the honor of taking students, parents, families, and volunteers to Camp Tahkodah for 16 years, this year, by far, has been the most enriching to me, personally. I must say, though, that a composite of my own memories may not be enough to let you share the experience. But I will try.

The theme, “Life in Color,” was born from the mind of God, and given to me on a hot summer day, through the lyrics of a song by the band One Republic. The song is fantastic, but I needed more. The question I asked God was, “I love this phrase. But how does will this phrase — ‘Life in Color’ — meet students and adults in the middle of an old campground?”

Then the Lord revealed to me…

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