“Tahkodah From My Eyes” by Brittany Cowdery

I knew, leading up to our retreat, that the Lord was going to do something fresh. I anticipated it, and I, along with many people, prayed earnestly for our retreat ten days prior to the event. To say I was moved by Brittany’s words is an understatement, but even further reflects the tension between anticipation of God’s mighty hand, and the excitement and surprise at seeing it move. In any case, this is a powerful testimony, and I wanted to share it.

MoSt Church

IMG_0850b Brittany Cowdery, in the center, with the four girls she brought to Tahkodah

Brittany Cowdery emailed me two days after our student retreat at Camp Tahkodah ended. Here’s what the email said:

Hey Kyle,
I know I always love hearing how the Spirit worked from different people’s perspective. I was so touched this weekend that I just had to write it all out to help process it all. I thought I would just share this with you to see how the Spirit worked and the effects of some of the beautifully simple lessons you gave through faith. Thank you for the part you played in an incredible weekend. Praise God.

After I read what she wrote, I was so moved that I wanted to read it to our entire church family. I received her permission to do so, and then read her testimony last Sunday. I am posting her testimony here. To protect the…

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