About Kyle

KGSJust in case you are curious …

I am a disciple and follower and student of Jesus …
On a journey without a visible end …
And learn more every day than I could ever possibly teach.

My name is Kyle Strickland, and I am a daddy. I am a husband. I am a disciple-maker.

I also teach college students the intricacies of world civilization and American history, and have earned a few local and national awards for it along the way. And I am honored to be on the leadership team for RE:FUEL Memphis as the director of spiritual formation. We’ve built an incredible site for men in the Mid-South find immediate help. Check it out at shift901.com.

You can contact me by just commenting here, on this page. If you do so, please leave your contact information. You can also email me at kgstrickland@yahoo.com, or follow me on Twitter at @kylestrickland.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you leave here blessed.

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